Wireless Reporting & Analytics

Vision's wireless device and expense management solution includes numerous, invaluable standard reports that allow you to efficiently track, analyze and control its wireless devices, plans and associated expenditures. Vision's extensive tracking and reporting capabilities are delivered leveraging our customer-focused "Wireless Tracker" suite of web applications, which were developed exclusively for the management of mobile environments.

"Each additional wireless application added to smart phones will typically increase the number of invoice processing Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) by 15%" Source - AOTMP Survey 2009

The Wireless Tracker applications suite includes Order Tracker, Asset Tracker, Service Tracker and Invoice Tracker, and is delivered as a fully integrated solution along with an e-Procurement Portal and Help Desk Services. Order Tracker, Asset Tracker, and Service Tracker are updated on a real-time basis as events occur and these applications provide visibility into all requests at any time, and as frequently as desired. The Invoice Tracker will be updated once per month after your wireless carrier's electronic billing data is available for loading into Vision's system.

The Wireless Tracker suite is accessed using one or more unique user names and passwords that will be configured for you. As stated previously, the information displayed is customized for the user, based upon the supplied login credentials, and provides hierarchical visibility into the information. Users may be given "Super User" privileges to view all company data, or they may be given "sub-level" privileges to restrict visibility to only a specific department's data. Vision will customize hierarchical access based upon your unique requirements.

Features and reporting capabilities for the Wireless Tracker application suite are summarized below:


The Dashboard area of the Invoice Tracker suite provides a monthly managed services summary using a convenient "At-a-Glance" format. Summary information visible on the Dashboard includes:

  • Line Activations Summary (shows number of new lines activated within the last 30 days and number of deactivations within the last 30 days)
  • Lines of Service Summary (shows new lines on current bill, new lines added since previous bill, total number of active billing lines, number of lines cancelled since the previous bill)
  • Cost Summary (shows current month charges, past due amount, total amount due)
  • Service Summary (shows total number of Active service requests and number of service requests Closed within last 30 days)
  • Average Charges Summary (shows, for each of the last 3 months, the average subscriber bill, average voice charges, and average minutes used for the last 3 months