Wireless Device & Expense Management Solutions

"Enterprises gain an additional 20% savings when policy governance is integrated with TEM program management activities." Source - AOTMP Survey 2009

Vision brings benefits directly to your bottom line. With Vision, companies experience complete managed services, combining telecom expense management with comprehensive business process outsourcing to optimize your evolving wireless environment.

Leveraging our powerful Wireless Tracker application suite, built exclusively for the governance of wireless environments, Vision offers a single, integrated portal for managing wireless devices and controlling wireless expenses throughout your organization.

Customers experience total life-cycle management of every device from procurement through optimization, resulting in:

  • Contained, controlled and reduced costs
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Visibility and control of wireless devices
  • Billing analytics and reporting
  • Increased end user productivity
  • Wireless policy enforcement and adherence
  • Best practices for management and support
  • Advanced back office and mobile application integration
  • Device management, procurement and configuration
  • Comprehensive turnkey service and support

Get the Control, Performance and Results you Demand

  • Control
  • Know your Users
  • Know your Devices
  • Know your Plans
  • Centralize Management
  • Establish & Enforce Policies
  • Manage Procurement
  • Manage Expenses
  • Control Costs
  • Performance
  • Employ Proven, Best Practices
  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Optimize Performance
  • Experience Proactive, Attentive Service
  • Improve End User Experience
  • Analyze & Adjust for Continual
  • Improvement
  • Results
  • Save Money and Time
  • Reduce costs
  • Realize Operational Efficiencies
  • Increase End User Productivity
  • Ongoing Expense Optimization

Vision provides applications and services that effectively organize and manage your wireless environment. Vision's experienced, talented team enables your organization to gain accurate visibility with total control of your wireless devices and expenses, delivering the performance and results that you demand.

Configurable Customer Administrator Access

Your company will be given administrator access to the e-Procurement Portal, and the Wireless Tracker application suite, using secure logins and passwords. Administrator Access provides hierarchical visibility and control, and will be configured for a list of authorized users and purchasing agents, as specified by your company. Administrators requiring visibility into and control over all wireless devices deployed throughout your enterprise will be given Super User privileges. Administrators only requiring visibility into or control over a subset of devices, such as those associated with a particular division or department, will be given a Sub level of access.

The Super User has the ability to add and remove Purchasing Agents and can also modify the access privileges that determine the various levels of visibility and control. During the implementation period, Vision will provide your company's administrators with web-based training on the use and features of the system.