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Wireless Expense Optimization

Fully-Managed TEM/BPO

Wireless expense optimization can be challenging in large environments that have multiple carriers and frequently changing, complex cellular service plans. This becomes even more complex as devices are added and cancelled in pooled plan environments, where these changes directly impact the pooled allotment and can cause unintended overages on your telecom bill.

As part of our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO solution, Vision Wireless provides monthly analysis of your wireless expenses along with savings recommendations. Following your approval, we complete the changes needed to optimize and reduce your costs.

Maximize Your Savings

From ensuring devices are provisioned on the correct service plans, to identying savings opportunities for pooled/shared plans compared with stand-alone, tiered, and unlimited plans, we keep your wireless expenses optimized to maximize savings.

With Vision Wireless, spend optimization is an ongoing monthly service that keeps your wireless telecom costs in check -- even as devices are added and removed from your environment.

Reduce/Avoid Excessive Costs

We help you reduce and avoid excessive costs for Voice, Data, Text, MMS, 3rd Party Downloads, and Directory Assistance, with key insights and recommendations.

Usage Management

We analyze your shared voice and data pools, helping you avoid costly overages by right-sizing the pooled allotments. And we protect you from over-payment that can occur when shared pools go significantly underutilized. Elimination of zero-usage devices is a major element of Usage Management that reduces corporate waste and drives savings directly to your bottom line.

Contain and Control Costs

While costs such as Equipment Costs, Early Termination Fees (ETF), and International Roaming cannot be totally eliminated, effective tracking and management of these items help further contain and control your mobile expenses. Through integration with Concur and other travel management systems, Vision Wireless proactively ensures International calling plans are added for users who travel in order to avoid excessive International usage costs.

Invoice Audit

Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM system performs a monthly Invoice-to-Inventory audit to identify and correct billing errors and overcharges on your monthly telecom bills.

When asked about the most important activities in a telecom management practice, organizations cite auditing, optimization and inventory as the three most important activities.

Source - AOTMP

Gartner estimates an approximate 20% error rate for telecommunications invoices.

Source - Gartner

Dispute Management and Resolution

Vision Wireless helps contain costs by identifying billing errors and managing dispute resolution with your wireless carriers to recover credits for any over-charges.