Why Vision?

Vision provides a comprehensive mobility management solution that combines wireless telecom expense management (TEM) with business process outsourcing (BPO) to deliver turn-key, lifecycle management of its customers' mobile environments. The company invests heavily in application development and wireless help desk support and does not outsource any aspect of its operations.

Vision's solution is delivered as a fully managed, hosted service which means its customers are not required to purchase, install or maintain application software within their own IT environments. Vision's solution leverages its powerful Wireless Tracker application suite, which provides customers a single, intuitive web portal for managing wireless devices and controlling wireless expenses.

Vision specializes in wireless telecom expense management as part of its total mobility management solution. Vision's solution was built exclusively for the management of wireless environments, which is a key competitive differentiator. Many traditional TEM providers have sought to adapt their fixed-service solutions to manage mobile devices, but this approach is not always the most effective. Today's mobile environments are more dynamic and complex, and the nuances of effectively managing a wide variety of wireless devices, rate plans, ongoing moves/adds/changes and associated expenses, requires a mobile-centric approach, like that offered by Vision.

Vision invests heavily in application development for continuous improvement. Because Vision developed and owns its service delivery platform (in contrast to those who license 3rd party software), the company is able to offer flexible solutions, tailored to meet its customers' unique needs. From the beginning, Vision's system was designed to provide a great degree of customization for each and every customer, based upon numerous configurable elements. Vision can easily and quickly tailor its solution to provide additional customization by leveraging its own, in-house development team.

Vision invests heavily in its people and processes to provide the most proactive and responsive service to its customers. Vision is heavily invested in customer-facing support staff, including Dedicated Major Account Support Managers, Tier-1 Technical Support Specialists and end user Help Desk Analysts. In addition, Vision has a field-deployed Account Management teams strategically located to provide local support in the cities where our customers have major offices, including: Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Tampa, FL, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, New York and New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, Houston and Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL