Why Vision Wireless?

Uniquely Designed to Manage Mobile Environments

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Vision Wireless's system is designed exclusively to manage mobile devices and expenses, and this sets us apart from much of the competition.

Many competitors' platforms were originally designed to perform basic Wireline Telecom Expense Management (TEM) functions such as invoice audit & cost analysis, and have been adapted over time to meet the growing demand for Mobile TEM. This adaptation has largely been accomplished through mergers and acquisitions or re-branding of separate third-party software. While the result is marketed as a single solution, clients often report there is little to no integration of the Wireline and Mobile TEM capabilities that the competition touts. Clients also report that crucial mobility management functions are often lacking, limiting these systems' ability to provide effective management of the entire mobile device life cycle.

Vision Wireless's award winning Mobile TEM platform was built entirely in-house and specifically designed to manage the unique aspects of complex, multi-carrier mobile environments:

  • Highly dynamic in nature
  • Thousands of end points (devices) need to be managed, tracked, and optimized
  • High frequency of MACDs requires real-time Asset Management
  • Rapid release of new devices impacts Mobility Helpdesk Support
  • Constantly changing carrier rate plans and incentives impacts telecom billing and optimization.

Complete Mobile Lifecycle Management - Not Just Mobile TEM

Vision Wireless's solution goes far beyond software-only systems or competing Mobile TEM solutions that only manage wireless telecom expenses. Our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO solution manages the entire mobile life cycle, starting with service ordering/provisioning and advancing to asset management, change management, and mobile helpdesk support - all seamlessly integrated with our comprehensive Mobile TEM functions, carrier data import/management, automated invoice auditing, usage management, dispute management and resolution, business intelligence/reporting/analytics, wireless expense optimization, and cost allocation.

Our comprehensive solution allows clients to outsource the day-to-day management and support of their mobile environments to Vision Wireless. It's like having a staff of dedicated mobility specialists without the overhead and expense of recruiting, training, and compensating additional staff.

Rapid Implementation

Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM solution is offered as a hosted service, so there is no need for clients to purchase, install, or maintain application software within their company's IT environment. Our model enables most clients to achieve system implementation within 30-45 days, with ongoing system maintenance and software updates managed by Vision Wireless.

Intuitive User Interface / Ease of Use

Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM solution offers clients one of the industry's most intuitive systems for reporting, analysis and optimization of wireless telecom usage and costs. A quick glance at Vision Wireless's portal illustrates a highly intuitive design and navigation features. Vision Wireless's solution is recognized for its ease of use, intuitive workflows and simple user interface - all of which minimize the learning curve for our clients.

System Flexibility / Configurable to Implement Your Company's Mobile Policies

Our Mobile TEM technology platform is 100% owned and developed by Vision . This enables us to offer flexible solutions tailored to meet our clients' unique needs. Our system was designed from the start to allow a great degree of customization for clients, leveraging configurable system elements. Vision Wireless can easily tailor our solutions to meet your business requirements, leveraging our on-site application developers.

Proactive / Responsive Mobile Helpdesk Support

We invest heavily in our people and processes to provide the most proactive and responsive service to our clients. Unlike some of the competition, we do not outsource our Mobile Helpdesk Support to a separate, third-party organization. Our Mobile Helpdesk Support professionals are direct Vision Wireless employees and are co-located in the same operational facility as our other Support functions. We feel this approach is crucial to provide the most proactive and responsive support for our clients.

Top-Rated User Workflow

Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM system allows changes (e.g. Suspend, Add Feature, Change Rate Plan, etc,) to be affected against lines of service from nearly all TEM reports - a high value benefit for clients who prefer to make cost-saving changes at the point of discovery. The user workflow supported in our system is rated as one of the best among all Wireless TEM suppliers.

Customer-Focused Account Management and Support Teams

Our customer-facing support teams include Major Account Support Managers, TEM Analysts, Project Managers, Logistics Managers, Tier-1 Mobile Helpdesk Support Representatives and Tier-2 Mobile Support Technicians. Vision Wireless has received industry recognition for providing Best-In-Class customer support defined as: Responsive, Knowledgeable, Professional and Proactive.