Help Desk Services

"Each additional wireless application added to smart phones will typically require the same amount of help desk support as 600 new wireless smart devices and increase average per user wireless costs by $14-$20" - Source - AOTMP Survey 2009

In today's challenging economic climate, leading organizations are leveraging the power of mobility to help them increase revenues, profits, and improve operational efficiencies. As organizations continue to invest in the latest wireless devices and mobile applications, they are faced with the challenge of supporting a wide variety of equipment options, expanding features, new user interfaces and a growing number of mobile applications. According to a recent study conducted by AOTMP, organizations support an average of 7.5 different devices, 3 operating systems for wireless devices, more than 4 applications for deployments of 4,000+ devices, and more than 3 wireless Telecom Service Providers. Such a diverse and rapidly evolving environment creates a moving target for an organization's wireless help desk staff and requires ongoing investment in the human resources, the systems and the training required to effectively support an organization's mobile users.

To help organizations meet the challenges discussed above and manage the costs associated with wireless support, Vision offers advanced Help Desk Services as part of its comprehensive Wireless Device and Expense Management solution. Vision's Help Desk Services offer a fully outsourced solution for supporting and servicing the needs of your organization's mobile users, allowing your internal IT resources to focus instead on your organizations' strategic initiatives. Vision's Help Desk analysts offer attentive and responsive support for the full suite of mobile Help Desk services, including support for wireless Procurement and Provisioning, along with support for all types of wireless inquiries and issues, including Equipment, Service, Billing and Technical requests.

Vision's Help Desk Services provide the following customer benefits:

  • Simplifies support, providing single point of contact for all wireless support needs
  • Centralizes support with consistent processes for all major wireless carriers
  • Comprehensive solution: Help Desk bundled with support for wireless Procurement and Provisioning
  • Refocus your internal resources on core competencies and strategic initiatives
  • Reduces Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) needed internally for wireless Help Desk
  • Increases end-user productivity
  • Enhances wireless service levels with faster response times
  • Cost savings

Serving as your organization's single, centralized point of contact for support across all major wireless carriers, Vision's services simplify the process your end users employ to obtain expert assistance and efficiently resolve their wireless issues, resulting in greater end user satisfaction and increased end user productivity. Vision's Help Desk Services are generally available via a single toll free number from 8:00p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, but can also be offered around the clock: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as needed to meet specific customer requirements.

Initiate Any Type of Wireless Service Request

Vision's online solution also provides the ability to initiate any type of wireless Service Request including Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnects as listed below:

  • Order equipment only
  • Activate existing device with new number
  • Porting request
  • Order upgrade equipment
  • Rate plan change
  • Add/remove features
  • Cancel or report lost/stolen device
  • Cancel service plan
  • Change username
  • Handset (ESN )swap
  • New area code (CSA Swap)
  • Change mobile number (MIN change)
  • Order replacement equipment
  • Reset voicemail
  • Restrict voice capability
  • Suspend service
  • Change to Seasonal Stand-By plan
  • 30 Day exchange
  • Update billing codes (cost centers)
  • Request warranty replacement