e-Procurement Solutions

One of the top challenges faced by organizations seeking to manage wireless mobility is employee resistance to corporate policy. According to a recent Aberdeen Group research report, organizations having a well documented wireless policy coupled with e-Procurement tools to determine employee eligibility, approve devices, and procure wireless service can benefit from a substantial decrease (up to 41%) in the average expense incurred by its wireless users.

"Organizations need to look to E-procurement tools for policy enforcement." Source - Aberdeen Group report Wireless Mobility Expense Optimization

As part of its comprehensive Wireless Device and Expense Management solution, Vision provides your organization with a fully customized e-Procurement Portal that eliminates "off contract" buying and enforces compliance with your organization's wireless policy, saving you time and money. Vision's portal automates your business processes for determining employee eligibility for wireless service, purchase approval, device fulfillment, service activation and more.

Vision's portal is tailored to meet your organization's unique requirements and reflects your organization's wireless policy, from device and rate plan selection to customized work-flows and secure validation loops for purchase approval. Your customized portal offers only those wireless devices and rate plans that have been approved by your organization's IT or purchasing group along with the options, discounts and incentives included in your current wireless carrier contracts.

Vision's easy-to-use e-Procurement Portal is developed and branded according to your preferences, to reflect either the brand scheme of your organization or your wireless carrier(s).

  • Configure wireless corporate policies for procurement and provisioning
  • Define and establish parameters for approved devices and rate plans
  • Determine employee eligibility for wireless services
  • Automates purchase approvals, device fulfillment, service activation
  • Authorized purchasers quickly and easily order appropriate devices and plans
  • Eliminates off contract buying and enforces corporate wireless policy
  • Eliminates unauthorized features and services
  • Assures validity and security of all orders and requests
  • Saves time and money

Customized Workflows

The purchase approval process is based upon customer requirements and implemented through the Procurement Portal during the implementation process. Vision works with you to implement customized validation loops in order to ensure the security and validity of all orders and Service requests that come through the Portal. There are numerous validation procedures that can be implemented, including:

  • Back-end validation loop to route all Orders and Service Requests to a single "approval authority" prior to processing.
  • Validation of orders based upon a table or list of "approvers"
  • Validation based on password authentication into the Portal itself by the Purchasing Agent

Order Processing Timeframes

All new orders for service are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. More specifically, orders for new equipment submitted via the Procurement Portal and processed by 2:00pm Eastern are shipped out that same day. Orders processed after 2:00pm Eastern are shipped out within 24 hours. In most cases, devices are received by the end users the next day; however, shipping times can vary so receipt could take up to 3 business days.