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Vision Ranked #1 Wireless Mobility Management (WMM) Supplier by Enterprise Clients in New 2011 AOTMP Study

Vision Wireless, LLC ("Vision"), a leading provider of wireless mobility management (WMM) solutions including wireless telecom expense management (TEM), announced today that it has achieved the highest overall customer satisfaction score among all WMM and TEM suppliers as rated by enterprise clients in AOTMP's 2011 State of the Industry study. "I am very pleased to share that Vision achieved an unprecedented 9.78 overall customer satisfaction score on a scale of 1-10," said Kevin Steffes, President and CEO of Vision. "This underscores our commitment to deliver a flexible technology platform coupled with service and support that is characterized by responsiveness and professionalism."

Vision's score represents the highest rating ever recorded by AOTMP," stated Timothy C. Colwell, Senior Vice President of Global Information Management for AOTMP. "One hundred percent (100%) of Vision's enterprise respondents rated their overall satisfaction level as a 9 or 10 -- the highest scores possible -- which illustrates that clients are extremely satisfied with the technology and services they receive from Vision."

Cyndi Listrom, Vision's Vice President of Operations, said "Vision's continued focus on quality assurance and business process improvement has resulted in our unique supplier profile with all scores falling in the very highest range. This is a testament to Vision's success in managing today's increasingly diverse and complex enterprise mobile environments while delivering a solid ROI for our clients."

AOTMP's State of the Industry Report

AOTMP launched its annual research study examining enterprise satisfaction with Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Mobility Management (WMM) suppliers in January 2011. Input was received from over 1,066 top executives, finance professionals and telecom operations leaders at U.S. and Global enterprises. All Fortune 1000, Forbes America's Largest Companies, 1000+ Mid-Market Enterprises, and Government/Public Sector organizations were included in the study.

Sources at AOTMP confirmed that more than 100 different WMM and TEM suppliers were identified throughout the study and enterprises were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the supplier(s) using a satisfaction scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest (Not At All Satisfied) and 10 being the highest (Highly Satisfied). Vision achieved the highest overall rating of 9.78 among all WMM and TEM suppliers included in the study, securing its position as the industry's number one WMM/TEM supplier.

Best-in-Class Attributes

"Vision is known for its knowledgeable, proactive service and for significantly reducing the costs, as well as the time and effort, incurred by our clients," said Kevin Steffes, Vision's President and CEO. "Our industry-leading solution allows clients to save time and money by outsourcing the management and support of their mobile environments. We deliver significant financial and operational savings to a client's bottom line, leveraging our advanced technology platform and proven best practices to automate mobility management."

"Vision's success is fueled by its balanced approach in delivering a flexible technology platform coupled with professional, customer-focused service and support," said Jennifer Warren, Director of Sales for Vision. AOTMP's State of the Industry Report states "Technology and automation are certainly critical components of any WMM or TEM program; however, a supplier's planned approach for servicing and supporting clients before, during and after the implementation are just as important."

AOTMP also identified the following Best-In-Class Attributes which are exhibited by many of the top rated WMM and TEM suppliers. "Our top customer satisfaction rating illustrates that enterprises agree that Vision possess all of these Best-in-Class attributes," said Kevin Steffes, Vision's President and CEO.

  • Responsive, Knowledgeable and Proactive Service
  • Flexible Technology Platform and Reporting Features
  • Professional, Customer-Focused Account Management and Support Teams
  • Proven Ability to Significantly Reduce Costs, Time and Effort

About Vision

Vision is a leading provider of wireless mobility management (WMM) solutions, including wireless telecom expense management (TEM) and mobile device management (MDM), for enterprise and public sector clients of all sizes. Vision leverages its own advanced technology and proven best practices to automate the business processes associated with mobile device lifecycle management, delivering significant financial and operational benefits to its clients. Key features of Vision's comprehensive WMM/TEM solution include: eProcurement, Asset/Inventory Management, Custom Kitting and Pre-configuration of Devices and Mobile Applications, Change Management, Wireless Help Desk Services, and Wireless Telecom Expense Management.


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