TEM Business Intelligence / Reporting / Analytics

TEM Analytics

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) analytics and reporting can enlighten and empower IT and Finance managers to make informed business decisions about wireless telecom budgets, contracts, and mobile policy.

Vision Wireless's Bill Tracker provides comprehensive reporting and business analytics to help you understand every aspect of your wireless telecom expenses. From Dashboard Reports, to Trending reports, to Investigative Analysis Tools, our Bill Tracker provides all the information and insights needed to contain, control, and reduce your mobile expenses.

U.S. companies with 500 or more employees that are not adequately managing their mobile telecom expenses could be paying upward of 30% more than necessary for cellular voice and data services.

Source - Gartner

Dashboard Reports

Deigned to support decision-making aligned with your company goals, our Dashboard Reports provide managers with intuitive, "At-a-Glance" views of your wireless telecom expenses, financial policy exceptions, managed mobile assets, and mobile helpdesk activity.

Understand and Track Trends

Understand key trends in your mobile environment with our advanced Account-level and Subscriber-level reporting.

User-Friendly, Investigative Analysis Tools

From Rate Plan Analysis that identifies all wireless service plans currently active in your environment, to Cost Analysis that highlights all additional costs incurred over and above the monthly service plan costs, Vision Wireless provides all the tools you need to analyze and understand your mobile expenses

Carrier Data Management

Vision Wireless imports your electronic carrier billing data into our TEM system using an automated process that eliminates loading errors which can occur with manual entry methods. Our Bill Tracker provides you with a normalized view of expenses across multiple carriers, offering efficient and effective reporting/analytics.