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Mobile Procurement and Provisioning

Ordering and Provisioning

Vision Wireless's Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution provides your company with a fully customized Procurement Portal that enforces compliance with your mobile policy and streamlines mobile ordering and provisioning. Our portal automates your business processes for determining employee eligibility for wireless service, purchase approval, device fulfillment, service activation, and more.

Organizations need to look to E-procurement tools for policy enforcement.

Source - Aberdeen Group report Wireless Mobility Expense Optimization

Employee Self-Service

Our Procurement Portal provides convenient self-service mobile ordering and ensures end users order the appropriate devices based on their role. Single Sign-On (SSO) from your company Intranet simplifies user access, and automated email updates keep users informed as orders progress through to completion.

Custom Catalogs

Our Procurement Portal includes custom catalogs that reflect the mobile devices and service options specified by your company. Your company's contractual pricing and discounts are automatically applied, which increases order accuracy and contains costs. Role-Based Access (RBA) enables customized views for users across multiple departments that may require different devices based on their functional role.

Approval Workflows

Automated workflows implement your company's purchase approval process. This enhances efficiency while ensuring all mobile orders receive the correct management approvals prior to processing.


  • Enhanced user satisfaction based on Self-Service model
  • Simplifies mobile ordering and provisioning
  • Enforces corporate wireless policy
  • Automates approval process
  • Eliminates off-contract purchasing
  • Increases accuracy / eliminates costly order rework
  • Eliminates purchases of unauthorized features