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Advanced Exchange and Device Repair

Exchange and Repair

While the wireless revolution has enabled organizations to increase business productivity leveraging devices such as tablets and smartphones, what happens when these devices break?

In addition to the [repair] costs, there are also numerous costs associated with the time that IT and the employee spend dealing with the damaged device. And for the worker, there's the productivity lost during the downtime without the device.

IDC Report - Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices

Increase End User Productivity and Eliminate Downtime

Vision Wireless's Advanced Exchange and Device Repair solutions reduce downtime and ensure your mobile users remain productive, even when their devices break. Designed to keep your business running smoothly, these critical services provide timely replacement and repair of broken or failed tablets and smartphones.

  • Advanced Exchange Inventory housed at Vision Wireless's Logistics Facility
  • When devices break, your mobile end users contact Vision to request replacement devices
  • Replacement devices shipped directly to end users for next-business-day delivery; Return Kit included in shipment
  • Users return broken devices to Vision Wireless using provided Return Kits
  • Returned devices are assessed and repaired by Vision Wireless
  • Repaired devices are wiped, restored to factory settings, and returned to the customer's Advanced Exchange Inventory to replenish levels

Device Repair that Reduces Costs

Vision Wireless's corporate Device Repair solution is designed to eliminate costly monthly insurance rates and deductibles, and decrease device replacement costs. Our in scope repairs include common problems such as cracked screens, broken LCDs, failed batteries, broken back-covers/housing, and some small parts.

Recycle to Save and Sustain

As corporate-owned devices reach the end of their useful life, recycling can actually put dollars back into your budget, while protecting corporate data and helping your company meet its environmental sustainability goals.

Vision Wireless coordinates recycling of corporate devices that are damaged beyond repair or have simply reached the end of their useful life cycle. We only work with top-rated recycling companies that adhere to applicable standards for environmental safety, security, and data protection.