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Mobile Change Management (MACDs)

Change Management

The high frequency of moves, adds, changes, and disconencts (MACDs) in large mobile environments can quickly overwhelm your limited IT resources, while the time-intensive nature of some MACDs can leave your end users frustrated.

From simple requests like name changes and voicemail resets, to more complex changes like device upgrades, replacements, and feature additions (e.g. add international calling plan), Vision Wireless handles these and all other mobile MACDs as part of our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO solution. Shifting the workload to Vision Wireless increases operational efficiency by freeing your IT resources to focus on other responsibilities.

Employee Self-Service

Save time and reduce the administrative burden on your IT resources by enabling employee self-service for Mobile Change Management. Our Customer Support Tool allows users to request changes such as Upgrades and Replacements in accordance with your mobile policy. Efficient and simple self-service of the most common mobile changes can help users remain productive, while Vision Wireless carries out the work required to complete the changes.

Contain Costs and Enforce Mobile Policy

With Vision Wireless, Mobile Change Management is provided an integral feature of our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO solution in order to contain costs and enforce your mobile policy. Vision Wireless updates your mobile assets when MACDs are completed, ensuring an accurate and up-to-date mobile inventory that we use to audit your wireless telecom bills.

Our Mobile Change Management is configurable to enforce your mobile policy by restricting certain cost-impacting changes based on the asset status reflected in your mobile inventory. For example: our system will allow Upgrade requests as long as your mobile inventory confirms the line is currently "upgrade eligible".

Approval Workflow

Configurable workflows ensure cost-impacting changes, such as feature additions, device upgrades, and replacements, receive the proper management approval prior to moving forward.