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Mobile Asset / Inventory Management

Mobile Management

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory of mobile devices, users, and associated cost elements has become a significant challenge for many companies due to the rapid growth of their mobile environments.

...for many organizations, mobile assets are growing faster than they can track.

Source - TEMIA

Enterprises with an accurate and up-to-date inventory spend 25% less per user on wireless voice and data services.

Source - AOTMP

Asset Tracker

Our Asset Tracker creates and maintains an accurate inventory of all devices in your mobile environment. Each device in your mobile inventory is correctly tied to its corresponding Mobile Number, User Name, Employee ID, Business Unit/Project, Wireless Service Plan, and Monthly Costs.

Up-to-Date Inventory

Vision Wireless updates your mobile inventory to reflect moves, adds, changes, and disconnects (MACDs) as they occur, so you always have an up-to-date view of your wireless assets.

Asset Management Helps Contain Costs

Our Asset Tracker uses HR data to flag devices assigned to users no longer working at your company (e.g. employment status is "Terminated"), for which you still pay the monthly telecom costs. This allows Vision Wireless to retrieve and reassign devices, or cancel/suspend wireless service to further contain costs for your company.

Invoice-to-Inventory Audit

Having an accurate mobile inventory is crucial for enabling Invoice-to-Inventory audits of your wireless telecom bills. This type of audit is designed to catch and correct carrier billing errors in order to contain costs.

Vision Wireless's Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) system performs a monthly Invoice-to-Inventory audit by comparing your electronic carrier invoices with asset information stored in your up-to-date mobile inventory. When needed, we perform dispute management and resolution to recoup amounts billed in error by your wireless carriers.