Summary of Key Features

Vision's wireless asset and expense management solution is delivered as a fully managed service and leverages our powerful "Wireless Tracker" application suite for business analytics and reporting. Built exclusively for the management of mobile environments, Vision offers a single, integrated portal for managing your wireless devices and controlling your wireless expenses.

Listed below is a summary of key features included in our solution.

  • Web Procurement & Provisioning
    Shop/purchase online and select from a list of approved wireless devices and rate plans. Customized work-flows and validation loops ensure all orders are approved by your authorized purchasing agents. Place equipment orders and request service activation with newly assigned numbers or port existing numbers from one carrier to another.
  • Order Tracker
    Track all wireless orders and shipments, including auto-generated emails to alert your management to shipments.
  • Asset Tracker
    Track and manage all wireless assets, including equipment, associated rate plans, mobile numbers, ESNs, serial numbers, cost centers, as well as equipment upgrade eligibility. View and export Asset Reports as needed for internal audits and other management purposes.
  • Service Tracker
    Initiate service requests online, including all Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects, as well as Trouble Tickets and Billing Inquiries. Track and view status of all Open and Closed requests online.
  • Invoice Tracker
    View and export summary and detailed monthly Billing Reports, including Subscriber-Level and Account-Level cost summaries, call detail reports, usage summaries, and statistical trends. Quickly and easily allocate costs by Cost Center for internal accounting and departmental charge-backs.
  • Administrator Access
    Manage "Administrator" access profiles, including add/remove authorized Purchasing Agents and modify access privileges. Administrator Access provides hierarchical visibility and control (e.g. enterprise view, business unit view, division and department views as desired), and will be configured for a list of authorized users and "Purchasers", as specified by you.
  • Help Desk Support
    Your end users of wireless services can access a single, centralized Help Desk for all Service, Billing and Equipment related inquiries. Vision will assign a Major Account Support Team to meet your needs and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Ongoing Billing Analysis & Expense Optimization
    Vision's billing analysts will perform ongoing, monthly billing analysis and expense optimization. Invoiced expenses will be reconciled against your device inventory to identify and resolve billing discrepancies. Savings recommendations will be reviewed with your management and all approved expense optimizations will be executed by Vision's staff with your wireless carriers.