Invoice Tracker

The Invoice Tracker application is an Invoice and Expense Management tool used to manage wireless carrier billing information in a normalized view to ensure accuracy of invoices and optimization of expenditures. The Invoice Tracker provides numerous standard reports at the Account and Subscriber levels to help analyze, optimize and control your wireless expenditures. Vision will also customize select reports to meet your requirements.

Summary of Invoice Tracker Reports

The Invoice Tracker includes the following standard reports:

Description of Invoice Tracker Reports

Provided below are desciptions for each of the standard Invoice Tracker reports.

Summary of Airtime Usage

Shows subscriber level usage information including:

  • Anytime Minutes (amount Included and Used)
  • Additional Anytime Minutes used
  • Nights and Weekend minutes (amount Included and Used)
  • Mobile to Mobile minutes (amount Included and Used)
  • Number of Text Messages Sent (amount Included and Used)
  • Additional Text Messages Sent

Minutes Analysis Report

Provides a summary of the total minutes used as compared to the total available minutes across all shared plans within the enterprise, or within a particular organizational unit. Used to view all plans that are shared or non-shared. Shows the amount of anytime minutes available in the plan compared to the amount used, and thus easily helps identify opportunities to optimize both shared and unshared plans. This report provides drill-down functionality that provides details at the subscriber level.

Usage Report (including Zero Usage)

Provides comprehensive usage information (e.g. data usage, Direct Connect usage, voice usage, text usage) for each line of service. Provides capability to easily identify Zero Usage devices, as possible candidates for deactivation or Seasonal Standby plans, resulting in expense reduction.

Subscriber Statistical Trend Report

Shows average usage and cost trends across all subscribers over a specified period of time. This report can be trended for as long as Vision has been receiving your wireless billing data and includes:

  • Average subscriber bill
  • Average AnyTime Minutes used
  • Average Mobile to Mobile used
  • Average roaming charges and minutes
  • Average and total Directory Assistance charges
  • Total equipment charges

Subscriber List Report

This report is used to view subscriber information based on the most recent, or past bill. It can be used to check equipment upgrade eligibility and gives all billing code information per subscriber along with subscriber monthly recurring charges and total amounts due. This report is exportable and printable.

Subscriber Dates Report

Used to view general information such as: Equipment effective and end dates; Contract effective and end dates; Service agreement Effective and Termination Dates; Subscriber name; Plan name; Account number.

Rate Plan Analysis Report

Provides a quick view of the various rate plans that exist within your wireless environment and lists each Plan Name, the Plan Type (Voice/Data), and the Total Number of Users on each Plan. Drill down functionality provides subscriber-level data, including user name, mobile number, & total due, for all users associated with a selected plan type. For example, using this report, you can quickly determine how many users are on a Seasonal Standby Plan. By drilling down on the Seasonal Standby user count, you can view a report listing all Seasonal Standby subscribers with the corresponding User Name, Mobile Number and Total Due for each line of service. Drilling down further on a particular Seasonal Standby User Name, will then provide complete details on charges and any airtime usage. Subscribers on Seasonal Standby plans with significant charges and consistent airtime usage that occurs outside of known emergency situations should be evaluated for movement to a more cost-effective rate plan.

Plan Options Report

Used to search all users with specific attachable options or plan options. (Example: Show all users with a Text or Blackberry data attachment)

Cost Analysis Report

Used to show all costs on the Account for any billing period ever loaded into Vision's database. Shows the total charges, for the overall enterprise or for an organizational unit, summarized by the below listed Cost Categories:

  • Primary voice cost
  • Data cost
  • Additional minutes cost
  • Additional text cost
  • Roaming Minutes cost
  • Long Distance cost
  • Director Assistance Cost

Cost Summary Report

Used to show Account and Subscriber level costs. Shows the total number of users, total account level charges, total subscriber charges and total amount due. Includes credits and adjustments, as well as taxes, surcharges and fees. This report is exportable and printable.

Remittance Summary Report

Used to show the total due amount for the most recent bill, for the main corporate account and any sub-accounts. Shows past due charges, current month charges, total amount due and payment due date. This report is exportable and printable.

Billing Code Grouping Report

Used to show the Total Cost, broken down by billing codes. For example: first group by Cost Center 777, then group by all Departments within Cost Center 777, to show Total Cost.

Cost Allocation Report

This report can be used to give a fair allocation of charges to internal Cost Centers and Departments, based upon the percentage of pooled minutes utilized by subscribers within the Cost Centers/Departments. For example: consider a scenario where mobile users within Department A and Department B share a large pools of minutes; however, Department A is currently paying disproportionately more of the overall expense because its users are subscribed to the more costly Base Plans that provide the available minutes. In contrast, the users in Department B are subscribed to less costly "Add-a-Phone" plans that share in the overall minute pool. In a situation like this, Vision's unique Cost Allocation report will allow you to equitably allocate costs internally between Department A and B, based upon each Department's percentage use of the overall pool of available minutes.