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Human Resources Integration

HR Integration

HR Integration enables Vision Wireless's Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform to track changes in your mobile user population and take the appropriate actions, in accordance with your mobile policy.

  • Our Mobile TEM platform uses HR data supplied by your company to flag mobile assets tied to "inactive" employees (e.g. those who have left the company or are terminated), so devices can be retrieved and reassigned, and wireless service can be cancelled or suspended to contain costs for your company
  • Our Mobile TEM platform also uses your HR data to track changes in employee Cost Centers as they move from one business unit to another. This is crucial since these changes affect how your wireless expenses get allocated (charged back) across your business units at the end of each month.

HR Integration is typically accomplished through the automated exchange of a flat file in CSV format. This is commonly referred to as an "HR File Feed". Vision Wireless supports HR integration with SAP, PeopleSoft, Active Directory and others.