Frequently Asked Questions


What solutions does Vision Wireless provide?

Vision Wireless provides Mobile TEM and related Managed Mobility Services (MMS) including Managed Mobile Deployments, Advanced Exchange and Device Repair, MDM End User Support, Mobile Accessories, and BYOD Support Services.

Do you provide Basic/Self-Managed TEM or Fully-Managed TEM/BPO?

Vision Wireless's Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is provided as a Fully-Managed TEM/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solution where Vision Wireless manages all aspects of the TEM function including: carrier data management, invoice audit, usage management, dispute management and resolution, business intelligence/reporting/analytics, wireless expense optimization and cost allocation. In addition, our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO offering includes the crucial mobile life-cycle management features of ordering and provisioning, inventory/asset management, change management (MACDs), and mobile helpdesk support.

How do I access Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM system?

Our Mobile TEM platform provides SaaS-Based/Hosted application access, which means there is no need for clients to purchase, install or maintain application software within their company's IT environment. Most clients implement Single Sign On (SSO) to our Mobile TEM system so that users are not required to enter separate login credentials.

What are the benefits of Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM solution?

Our client's benefit from TEM cost savings derived through monthly invoice audits, usage and exception management, and ongoing expense optimization. In addition, our clients also benefit from wireless policy enforcement and improved operational efficiencies based on process automation and elimination of manual procedures for invoice-to-asset reconciliation and wireless cost allocation. Our Mobile Helpdesk Support increases user productivity by reducing downtime, and our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO approach saves times and reduces the administrative burden on your IT resources by by shifting the day-to-day mobile management activities to Vision Wireless.

How do I request a demo of Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM solution?

To learn more about how Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM solution and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) can reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies for your company, please contact us at: 866-725-2999 to request a live demonstration.