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MDM End User Support

Ensure optimal user experiences and reduce the administrative burden on your internal IT resources


Many companies have deployed Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems such as AirWatch, XenMobile, MobileIron and others, to enhance security and enforce policy at the mobile device level. Because these systems grant or restrict mobile access to corporate resources such as email, applications, and other content, their very presence can drastically increase the support burden on an organization's limited IT resources when end users experience issues.

Offered as an Add-On Option for clients who utilize Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM solution, our MDM End User Support reduces the administration burden on your corporate IT service desk by shifting the burden of support to Vision Wireless's Mobile Helpdesk staff. Vision Wireless's MDM End User Support provides resolution of Tier-1 troubles experienced by those mobile end users with tablets and smartphones provisioned on your company's existing MDM system.

  • Enhanced trouble-shooting of tablets and smartphones provisioned on MDM system
  • Requires Vision Wireless be provided secure access to your company's MDM console
  • Assist users with device enrollment / device sync with MDM console
  • Assist users with resolution of Mobile E-mail issues related to MDM
  • Perform remote device wipe, lock and/or locate per your company's policy
  • Push MDM profile to device

Vision Wireless's MDM End User Support offers support for AirWatch, XenMobile, and other leading MDM systems.