Case Studies

Customer Wal-Mart

Customized Inventory Warehousing Integrated with Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Dedicated, On-site Support


As the world's largest corporation, Walmart's wireless management is a complex challenge. Walmart needed an inventory warehousing solution integrated with traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services including Web procurement, wireless device management, customer care and ongoing billing analysis. Walmart's unique requirements could only effectively be delivered with an integrated set of device and expense management services coupled with dedicated customer support.

Problem VISION Addressed

Vision deployed a full-time, on-site staffer to work with Walmart in setting up the warehousing and provisioning system, based on the Wireless Tracker suite from Vision. Vision's ability to provide a customized solution with on-site staffing was essential for Walmart's IT staff, who need Vision's program manager to work side by side with them in developing, deploying and managing a Web-based solution. The on-site capability was also critical to effectively managing warehousing and stringent administrative requirements.

The solution is bilingual - both English and Spanish - to effectively serve the employee base. Additionally, the Vision team first warehoused and now distributes devices based on demand.

The level of planning, logistics, support and service required to properly manage this solution is the reason Vision was selected for the Walmart TEM service

Approach Taken To Meet Customer's Requirements

  • Dedicated on-site staffer to work daily alongside Walmart's IT team
  • Secure Web procurement portal integrated within Walmart's intranet
  • Cold inventory warehousing solution for on-demand procurement
  • Help desk support for routine end user support
  • Analytics and management services to optimize rates and effectively manage devices
  • Comprehensive management and reporting tools provided to customer and Sprint