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Mobile Cost Allocation

Stay Ahead of Costs

Allocating wireless telecom expenses to a company's business units or projects is a difficult and time-consuming process for most IT and Finance organizations. And the process becomes even more complex in work environments where mobile users are frequently moving from one business unit to another.

Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM provides a turn-key solution for Cost Allocation of wireless telecom expenses. Our system ties each line of service in your mobile inventory to its corresponding User Name, Employee ID and Business Unit/Project using your company's Cost Center coding scheme. As users move from one business unit to another, our system automatically tracks Cost Center changes using HR data supplied by your company.

The allocation of IT costs to a company's business units or projects (sometimes referred to as chargeback) provides the business with a more accurate view of costs.

Source - Gartner

Eliminate Manual Efforts and Save Time

Our system automates the Cost Allocation process, saving you time and eliminating costly manual efforts. By integrating with your Accounts Payable/General Ledger (AP/GL) platform, our Mobile TEM solution enables quick and efficient Cost Allocation of wireless telecom expenses.

Increase Accuracy

With Vision Wireless, you experience increased accuracy of wireless expense Cost Allocation due to our process automation and systems integration with your AP/GL platform.

Enhance Financial Accountability

Cost Allocation of centrally-paid wireless telecom costs can motivate business unit managers to become more accountable for mobile usage and the related costs.