Asset Tracker

"Enterprises with an accurate and up-to-date inventory spend 25% less per user on wireless voice and data services." Source - AOTMP Research 2008

For many organizations, maintaining an accurate, up-to-date inventory of wireless devices, users, and associated rate plans has become a significant challenge. As the number and type of wireless devices deployed by organizations continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to track and manage their wireless assets for security and expense management purposes. In a recent Aberdeen Group study, respondents identified "building an inventory to identify all wireless devices that are paid for or subsidized by the company" as one of the top two strategic actions required to effectively address the current pressures of wireless expense management.

Vision's comprehensive Wireless Device and Expense Management solution helps organizations meet the challenge described above by creating and maintaining an accurate, up-to-date wireless inventory leveraging our Asset Tracker application. Vision's Asset Tracker maintains a real-time inventory of your wireless equipment, users, and rate plans in an Asset Database created for your organization. The Asset Tracker database is updated on a real-time basis, as specific information about your wireless devices change over time with ongoing Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects. This database is also used to validate billing information at the end of the month in order to identify discrepancies and ensure correct billing of your service plans and features.

Current Assets Report

The Current Assets Report provides a real-time view of your wireless device inventory, along with a complete listing of all wireless devices deployed throughout your entire organization or within a specific division or department. Information contained in the Current Assets Report includes, but is not limited to, the following data for each wireless device:

  • Account number
  • User Name & Type
  • Mobile Number
  • Equipment Make/Model
  • Activation Date
  • Service Plan Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC)
  • ESN
  • Asset Details
  • Billing Details

The Current Assets Report is filterable by Equipment Make/Model and can be leveraged to quickly and easily determine the number of specific devices (e.g. Aircards, Blackberries, and others) deployed throughout your organization or within a particular division or department. Because this report also includes the associated Service Plan MRC for each device, it can be used to quickly determine whether your devices are being billed accurately, according to your organization's contractual rates and discounts, and can also be used to identify exceptions that require correction.