About Vision Wireless Mobility Management

About Us

Vision Wireless is a leading provider of Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and related Managed Mobility Services (MMS) which are proven to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for our clients. We are a trusted partner to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies and other organizations with large, complex mobile environments.

Mobile-Focused Management Solutions

Since our inception, Vision Wireless has remained uniquely focused on providing solutions that simplify and streamline all aspects of mobility management and wireless expense management for our clients. We have strategically set ourselves apart by focusing on wireless-only management solutions which address the common challenges that companies face in managing their complex mobile environments. These challenges include supporting a rapidly expanding base of mobile devices and end users, while trying to optimize and control escalating wireless telecom costs.

Because the Wireless (mobile) and Wireline (fixed/landline) telecom domains are vastly different when it comes to service ordering, inventory/asset management, change management, help desk support, invoicing, expense management and usage optimization, Vision Wireless believes these two domains are best managed by systems which are purpose-built to handle the nuances of each.

Fully-Managed TEM/BPO

Vision Wireless's Mobile TEM is provided as a Fully-Managed TEM/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solution with Vision Wireless managing all aspects of the TEM function including: carrier data management, invoice audit, usage management, dispute management and resolution, business intelligence/reporting/analytics, wireless expense optimization and cost allocation. In addition, our Fully-Managed TEM/BPO offering includes the crucial mobile life-cycle management features of ordering and provisioning, inventory/asset management, change management (MACDs), and mobile helpdesk support.

Our Mobile TEM platform provides SaaS-Based/Hosted application access, which means there is no need for clients to purchase, install or maintain application software within their company's IT environment.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach provides end-to-end management of the entire mobile life-cycle and reduces the administrative burden on your IT resources by shifting the management and day-to-day support of your complex mobile environment to our team of experienced mobility specialists.

In complex environments, Gartner has seen enterprises move toward a fully managed approach due to internal cost savings and a better outcome of service. This may be the case even in enterprises where there is a high level of governance. This engagement model provides visibility and better management of the estate, longer-term value from ongoing efficiencies and optimizations, and enhanced inventory practices and usage management.

Source - Gartner

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to Enhance your Mobile TEM

To enhance the management of your complex mobile environment, Vision Wireless offers a full suite of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) that drive additional business value by reducing downtime and increasing productivity. These optional services can be combined with your Mobile TEM solution to provide additional cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Managed Mobile Deployments - Provides assistance in the planning, rollout, adoption & support of "business-ready" devices to various work-groups within your company
  • Advanced Exchange and Repair -Provides next-day replacement of broken or failed devices to keep employees up and operational
  • MDM End User Support - Provide enhanced mobile helpdesk support and trouble resolution for smart devices
  • Mobile Accessories - Cases, chargers and more to keep your users protected and connected
  • BYOD Support Services - Stipend management and more to support your enterprise-grade BYOD environment

Client Engagement Model

Vision Wireless has a successful track record of establishing long term relationships with our clients based on the business value that we deliver. As noted above, our Mobile TEM solution is provided as a Fully-Managed TEM/BPO offering, where Vision Wireless manages the full range of Mobile TEM and mobile life-cycle management functions.

Our clients view us as an extension of their own internal staff and rely upon our unique combination of advanced technology, expertise and professional services to support their complex mobile environments.